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Comments: I don't know what the 1oz. Mag Force version of this lure did to bass and pike, but I haven't met one of those fish yet that didn't want to absolutely murder this thing. Cast it out, let it sink and then rip back to you. It doesn't matter what the water temp is. They CRUSH it! Got largemouth and pike today at a surface temp of 79 and I've caught them right up to ice up in December. These lures are tough as nails and the hooks sharpen well and are very strong. Yes, the finish chips off easily but the fish don't care one bit. TW, please see if you can carry more of the larger 1oz. size.

From: Eric: Glastonbury, CT 7/23/17

Comments: Tried and true, it's still the one of the best lipless crank baits out on the market. Newer colors were released and man that Swamp Craw is the ticket right now!! Thanks for a great product.

From: Chad: Pineville, LA 2/10/17

Comments: Just returned from Canada and Rat-L-Trap is one of my new favorites. I hadn't used them much in past years but tried Apricot and Fire Tiger colors this year and the Pike and Bass loved them. Easy to fish and proved to be very productive when other lures were failing. I think the vibration and rattle noise helps a lot, especially on days when we were fishing in stained or muddy water.

From: Dave: Douglassville, PA 6/1/14

Comments: There are hundreds of different lipless crankbaits on the market today but my opinion this is the best lipless crankbait. It's not the cheapest and it's not the most expensive but it works! Anybody can catch fish on this bait whether a beginner, kid, lady, and even professionals it doesn't matter. This bait really works with great success!

From: Mike: Oneonta, AL US

Comments: Hands down the best lipless crankbait on the market. Very durable and tough bait as well. I caught buckets of fish in 1 day off of a single gold color trap. By the end of the day the bait was covered in battle scars and still cranking strong and catching fish. I cant recommend and brag on this lure enough. Highly recommend this lure.

From: Wes: OK

Comments: You cant beat this lure.This is the best lipless crankbait on the market. Caught 10 bass in one day on the Gold color and although the lure had many battle scars, it was still doing the trick. The trebles on this bait are super sharp and I hooked everthing that bit without losing any. I cant brag/recommend this lure enough.

From: Wes: OK

Comments: This is an excellent lure for fresh and salt water.  Weather you are an avid fisherman, or a beginner, this is one of the easiest lures to work, and it catches more fish. 

From: Sean: Santa Fe, TX USA

Comments: This is a great product. Used it 3 straight days while catching 10+ fish with this single lure and it held up amazing, granted my lure has plenty of battle scars I will continue to ware it out. I highly recommend this lure to anyone in the market for a solid lipless crankbait. I will continue to fling this grade A lure out and keep reelin em in.

From: Wes: OK

Comments: I've been using this product all my life. It's by far the best search bait there is. The best part about this lure is its very easy to use. I simply throw it out and reel it in. It works all year round. My personal favorite color is chrome and black in the 1/2 oz size! That is pure poison and matches great to what most fish feed on. It works great in freshwater and saltwater! There are a lot of different brands out there and it can confuse a fisherman but the Bill Lewis is the best in my opinion! They have been around the longest and have a unique rattle that really triggers the strike! This brand is a must have in your boat! And the prices are great! I can afford to buy several and not just one or two.

From: Lance: Liberty, Tx, USA

Comments: The Rat- L- Trap is the most genuine and oldest lure in the world. I have been using the Trap Lure for over 30 years and it has never let me down. When it comes to confidence this is the lure to build your belief in. The ease of casting, the colors that's available for different species of fish and the awesome sharpest you can find on a lipless crankbait. You must have in your tackle arsenal. Get some NOW!!!!!!!!

From: Elvis: Jeanerette, Louisiana

Comments: 2 months ago I was fishing a tournament on the upper Chesapeak bay, MD (Largemouth Heaven). The pattern was Ripping traps out of the grass to draw strikes. I had a non boater on the back of my boat who was taking me to school. I asked him what the secret was and his answer(Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap). I cut off the hard bait I was using and switched. Needless to say I filled the boat. Glad I had a few in the box! 1/2 oz crome blue back was the ticket.

From: Mike: Gloucester, Nj

Comments: Love this Lure! The Toledo Gold in 1/2 oz is great to fish anywhere in any type of water. Fish in and around grass and/or weed beds, work this bait in shallow water or deep water around stumps or lay downs. This bait can be literally thrown anywhere and it just catches fish!! No super skilled techniques and can be casted a mile.

From: Trey: Greenwell Springs,La United States

Comments: AMAZING lure! Sexy west works great any of these lures slay fish! Every tourney this lure helps me bring in my limit!

From: Cole: Bloomington Indiana

Comments: As a professional guide on Millwood Lake in sw Arkansas for over 22 years, this is the bait we tie on for folks who just want to "get out there and catch fish".  Hands down, best there is.  Because our water clarity can change colors in 30 minutes with high winds or thunderstorms, we carry a plano box full of these for the varying conditions.  All you really need is about 4-6 in 1/2 oz size for clear water fast retrieves, and 6-8 in 3/4 oz size for muddy water slow retrieves.  We keep 3 rods w/ 3 sizes or colors on deck at all times.  Toledo Gold, Red Shad, and Millwood Magic aka, Silverado will get you bit under most all conditions.  There is no equal.

From: Millwood Lake Guide Service: Millwood Lake, Ar, USA

Comments: Fantastic lure, and fantastic company. The new hook and rattle design for this lure shows the hard work and dedication this company has to their product line. This lure has produced fish for years and is only getting better with the new colors and designs that have been added. This is a lure that can produce some great fishing all over the country and in all different types of cover. I have been a profesional fishing guide for over 8 yrs and also have been using Bill Lewis Lures since the 70's and the fish catching ability of their lures just will not let up. Bottom line is they work. Great Lure, Great Company, and Great Fishing. Mike Carter

From: Mike: Flat Rock, Al.

Comments: Awesome crank bait especially in cooler weather around Febuary  and March. I like the versatility of it. Can be retrieved fast or slow according to water depth. Also u can burn it really fast along  shallows creating reaction strikes. Bass love colors are my favorite overall and shad colors with chrome are great choices for schooling fish!

From: Shannon: Whiteville,NC

Comments: Rat-L-Trap set the original standard for what today is referred to as â•ÂË›liplessâ•Âˇ crank baits.  As a professional guide, if I could only have three lures in my tackle box, a Rat-L-Trap would be one of them.  Itâ•ÂË™s such a versatile bait that can be fished so many ways and catch so many different species of fish.  Rat-L-Trap makes a size and color for every possible scenario.   A Rat-L-Trap is always tied on one of my rods.

From: Capt. Greg: Huxley, Tx USA

Comments: I have been using the Rat-L-Trap brand since the early 90's and the work great. In the spring a 1/2oz model is my 1st choice and something in a crawfish pattern or reds.  I have grown to like the new Toledo Gold a lot. You can not beat a 1/4oz in the Fall. Any of the chromes are great.

From: Chris: Conway SC

Comments: If you are looking for a pro recommended search bait or a bait for feeding bass this is what they are talking about.  So many times we read about a "lipless" Crank.  This is it. This is the bait that started the craze. There are countless copies but the RAT-L-TRAP is the legit Original. Whether I am tournament fishing or going out for fun this is the bait I have tied on.  I can get dialed in on fish when I have never been to a lake. If I am having trouble catching them, I start throwing my trap.   When fish are busting, I can toss the trap in the middle and hang on. You can reel it fast, ripping through grass, or reel let it drop and reel. Its a very versatile bait and one you would be remiss to be without.

From: Jon: Chantilly VA

Comments: Rat-L-Trap is the best lipless crankbait on the market that money can buy! The Rat-L-Trap comes in several different models and sizes to catch a wide variety of species in both fresh and salt waters. With a huge assortment of color variations, it will accommodate any angler's need for any situation. As a tournament angler myself, this is my go to bait and is always tied on for every tournament I fish. Whether you are a tournament veteran or just enjoy catching more fish, every angler needs a Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap in their tackle box.

From: Kyle: Paducah, KY USA

Comments: Amazing bait! My favorite color is the Chrome Blue Back. Great for bass, walleye, pike and even crappie with the smaller sizes. Perfect for fall and early spring.

From: Gabe: Ohio

Comments: I got taken to school by my buddy this spring on our favorite pond with this bait. I was fishing a different brand in as identical of a color as you could get. I hadn't caught anything until he let me throw his bait, immediately got a 5lber on. Sorry meatwad. It kicks many of the modernized baits butts.

From: David: Raymore, MO

Comments: CAUTION: If you love this bait, I am about to hurt your feelings. Probably. So if you are sensitive, stop reading. Now, for all you real men...if you are a lipless crank fan, you have a box full of em. I do. Hell, I have a box for 1/4oz and a box for 1/2oz and +. These used to be my go to, along with the Cordells. Now a days, there are TONS of better traps out there. In no way, shape or for does this bait compare to the more modern baits. Sure, if it's a chunk and wind kinda bite, you will catch some on this one, but for the more advanced ways of fishing, this one doesn;t cut it no mo'.

From: meatwad: givin these to people I dont like

Comments: This is my #1 crankbait bass love it chrome blue back is the best color, I caught the biggest bass of my life with it,it weight 5 pounds and if a 11 year old can do it anyone can!

From: Gavin: North Canton, OH

Comments: Awesome cold water bait, works well both spring and fall. I throw the chrome/blue back most of the time, and mine is completely chipped and bite marked. Still works like a charm! My friend even caught a 30ish inch musky on one this spring!

From: Ryan

Comments: love mine caught a 9 lb on it other day cheap love em

Comments: Good redfish bait, caught many puppy reds of texas, also great summer bait for largemouth and all species your going for this season, its good old bait that works and is classic bait. Keep making better colors for classics and same shape with sound. Good days of fishing is ahead for us all.

From: Alex

Comments: The best redfish bait EVER and it is very good for bass.It is great in the summer because it dives very deep

From: Matt: Port Barre, LA

Comments: great bait i went to a local lake on the 3rd of december and caught nine good bass!!! i used to fish this alot and caught some huge fish but on that day this bait really shined it was the only lure that caught any fish!!!!!!!!! the water was ice cold and it still got good bass to bite!!! forever a costomer of these.

Comments:  I can't even count the numbers of fish I have caught on the good old Rat-L-Trap!  From largemouth to smallmouth to sandbass to walleye, they've killed this bait... I don't even look at other rattlebaits - Bill Lewis is MY brand!  I only use two colors - a shad pattern and firetiger.  Tie it on & wear the paint off!

From: Tony: Charlotte, NC

Comments: It is those seemingly simple baits that are the consistent producers of big fish.  I hooked (and landed) some of the biggest fish in my life (including bass, trout, perch, and even a Stealhead on the Red Chrome color) on Rat-L-Traps.  I use an erratic retrieve, often varying the motions with my rod to get the most out of the rattles.  Yo-Yo-ing the bait through my lake will produce when fish are both lethargic or active. I tend to focus more on presentation than lure colors in fishing, but I use more natural colored baits (I really like the "bleeding" series). It is important to get a good hookset immediately though,  because Rat-L-Traps are notorious for getting spitted back at you.

From: Joe: International

Comments: Best lipless crank around! I fish these baits year round. I have used alot of other brands and none out fish the original! Great fish finding lure I have caugt some hogs of this bait. The red traps are my favorite color. Cant beat them try one and youl love them!

Comments: Oldie but a goodie. Still tough for me to beat this in cold water as well as when you have some water over top of emergent weed beds.

From: Brian: Quincy, MA

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Cali Lewis photos